Guitar and Music Lessons via Skype

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I am starting to teach lessons with Skpe, and I have space for 2-4 more students locally if you’re nearby. My prime offerings are Guitar (of course) and Music Theory.

I plan to work with and am just in the process of setting that up. I’d love to hear from any friends who would like to be guinea pigs as I learn. On Popexpert the first lesson will be half price, but get in touch about what you’d particularly like and how I can help you with your music.

Here’s the hypothetical curriculum:
Guitar and Music Theory Lesson Packages
An overview of the material can be presented in one session for a student with some experience. Beginners will take away as much as they can with a full understanding, and it may take more than one session to digest all the material.

1) Lessons with Jim (Guitar) Continuing study would cover all the subjects listed below with a context of the student’s goals and interests.
2) Specific Sessions for Guitar Visualizing the Guitar Fretboard – and how to use Jim’s own system and great memory device
– Level 1 – Visualizing the Major (and natural minor) scale
– Level 2 – The Pentatonic scale – the roots of rock lead guitar
– Level 3 – Harmonic minor, melodic minor and other more exotic scales.

– Beginning Guitar Chord Theory – A full set of basic chords in open position for folk and popular music – the five families of chord shapes.
– Rhythm Guitar (intermediate) An overview of bar chords, including the five families of chords and how they relate to the open position chords.
– Jazz Chords (Sevenths and beyond) on Guitar – voicings and inversions
– Chords in Context – Common chord progressions in bar and jazz chords
– How to Play Jim’s Songs on Guitar – How Jim plays them and simpler alternatives Come with your questions about a particular song.

3) Music Theory and Harmony Sessions
– Basics of Scales and Chords – where did they come from and how they work?
– Intermediate Theory – Chords in a Key – chords derived from the scale and typical alternatives.
– Jazz Harmony – chord voicings and scales for improvisation.