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What we don’t need: any more guns

It’s been about a month since 17 innocent high school students were murdered in Parkland, Florida using a weapon of war.  There’s no reason for a civilian to own one of these semiautomatic rifles.  Lest you think this is the naive opinion of a singer-songwriter-guitarist, I will let you in on something: I’m a veteran.  Though I spent my service years in the Army band playing guitar,  I had to go through basic training like everyone else, and learned how to shoot the M-16, earning a marksman’s badge.  Having experienced this, I believe the AR-15 and similar combat weapons shouldn’t be in the hands of just anyone who walks into a gun store, much less an unsupervised teenager whose brain and emotions haven’t fully matured.  

The saving grace of  this tragedy is in the intelligent activism of the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, whose friends were killed and wounded in this senseless, immoral massacre.  Their fervor is inspiring and may lead to some sanity in our policies about guns. 

It brought to mind a song by my late friend James Durst, with words by John Fisher, titled “Not Another Gun”.  It is a call for us to focus on the many things we need to work on–feeding the hungry, education, the environment, clean energy–instead of wasting resources on guns.  With all respect to those guys, I thought their line “Not another gun for another damn fool” was more inflammatory than I wanted to be, so I rewrote it as “What We Don’t Need (Any More Guns)”.  The lyric is altered a little; I added a verse to fit with our contemporary situation and make it a contribution to a dialogue.

We interrupted the recording for my next album to record this song as a tribute to the students at Parkland, which you can hear by clicking on the PLAY button (>) below:

I hope people will use this song. I will be getting sheet music up for both this and my get-out-the-vote song “The World Needs Your Voice,” soon. Hope you like both of them. Feel free to spread them around, and share the link with your friends.

A new song for this election season

Introducing “The World Needs Your Voice”

I probably don’t need to tell you how important the upcoming midterm elections will be.  I was inspired to write and record a new get-out-the-vote song, “The World Needs Your Voice”, which I’m excited to share with you here.  Let’s spread this message everywhere we can in the months leading up to our elections next fall, and let’s work with the NAACP and others who are trying to turn out the vote and register more voters.  This is democracy, let’s make it work!

Press the PLAY button below:

Here are the lyrics below; I’ll write the sheet music as soon as I have time (we’re busy finishing my next album, see below). 

The World Needs Your Voice                      ©2018 Jim Scott 

We won’t be victims – Won’t be afraid
Got to heal the broken world we’ve made
Make a change –  make a choice  –  The world needs your voice.
Register your intention – Rock the boat
You can’t complain   – if you don’t vote
Express yourself – get everybody else – The world needs our voice.

Raise your voice  (Vote!)  – Now is the hour (Got to vote!)
One voice then many  (Vote!)  – Speak truth to power (Got to Vote!) –
Cry in anguish, – shout and rejoice  – The world needs your voice            

The world needs your voice , The world needs your voice
Make a change –  make a choice  –  The world needs your voice.
The world needs your voice ,  The world needs your voice.
Cry in anguish, – shout and rejoice  – The world needs your voice

    The forces of exclusion, Obfuscation, and confusion
    The heads of power  – And those in the shadows
    Will feel the rising tide,
    They’re gonna know which way the wind blows

Raise the spirit, raise a groundswell
Raise consciousness, raise a little hell
Faith resounding – A joyful noise – The world needs this voice.

Don’t get down (Vote!)  – Don’t stop believing (Vote!)
Don’t get angry (Vote!)  – get even (Get even)
Let’s make some change – Bring alive your choice  –  The world needs your voice.

The world needs your voice ,  The world needs your voice
Make a change –  make a choice  –  The world needs your voice.
The world needs your voice ,  The world needs your voice
Cry in anguish, – shout and rejoice  – The world needs your voice 

Heart in Another Land

An all-new Jim Scott album is coming soon

Jim3For the past few years, I have planned to make my next album an immersion in Latin, Brazilian and Caribbean rhythms with a bit more of a jazz sensibility, where my heart has been for a long time.  Heart in Another Land refers to my love of these cultures and sounds so suited to my nylon string classical guitar.  Lyrically, there are socially conscious, earth and peace messages, among the song’s we’re recording, but also some fun. 

It’s taken a lot longer to finish than we planned, but we’re about 90% completed now, and it has been worth the wait.  Stay tuned for our release announcement coming soon!

Your CD pre-order or other support will help bring this dream to reality. Click here to see how you can help.

Announcing Earth and Spirit Songbook Volume 2

Now collecting songs for this new songbook

I want to announce to all you friends that I will be compiling and writing a sequel to my “Earth and Spirit Songbook” over the next year and a half (by spring/summer 2019).  I got a grant from the Fund For Unitarian Universalism to help with it, and I am now the “Artist in Residence” for the UU Church of Worcester MA.  The book is not just for UU Church consumption, it is for the wider public.  The fund supports what they think are good works, not missionary proselytizing.  

For the next year (the sooner the better) I am collecting songs of Earth, peace on Earth – anything with Earth imagery, rights of passage, seasons, climate disruption, pollution, fracking, etc. etc. – I already have a lot in mind but there must be many more I haven’t heard.  We need songs of other than (white) American culture, of course.  The subtitle of this second book is “Songs for a Just and Peaceful World.”  So it’s a pretty wide diversity of subject matter we’re looking for. 

Songs can celebrate and also teach – good news and bad, the problems and the solutions – and singing is my response to the challenge.   I hope you’ll help, with your songs, and your ideas of good songs by someone else, and it would make it easier on me if you can self-select a bit.  The book will probably have no more than a song or two by any one composer, so let me know the best one for a diversity of music.  They don’t need to all be “Let’s get together and save the earth,”  though there’s a place for that, too.  If it’s written down, that helps of course, at least the lyrics.  I will  transcribe the song and make an arrangement for vocal and piano with chord symbols. 

You can send me an mp3 – to or send a CD to Jim Scott PO Box 4025 Shrewsbury MA 01545.

If you’d like to see more about my first Earth and Spirit Songbook, check this link.

We now have Download Cards!

We now have three albums. Earth Sky Love and Dreams, Sailing With the Moon, and Gather the Spirit available on download cards. The cards have a code that you can use on the CD Baby website to download your album to your computer or hand-held device. To celebrate, we’re making a special price through April. They will usually sell for $9 and three for $25.

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Earth and Spirit Songbook – Sale!

Bargain price for books – $19

Earth & Spirit Songbook cover

The planned revision of the Earth and Spirit Songbook is scheduled for later this year, we’re working on it.  We are continuing the sale on the old, perfectly serviceable version at a big discount. To the untrained eye the new edition will look exactly the same, though many typos will be revised. The old and new books will be usable together – it will amuse a choir no end to point out the small discrepancies, mostly in the piano accompaniments.

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So this is a great time to supply your choir with this 200 page resource of 110 songs of earth and peace. You can look up extensive description of the book here – song list, composers, thematic index, etc.

Earth and Spirit and Jim Scott Songbook Bundle

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