The Earth and Spirit Songbook
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A new resource for educators, song leaders, church musicians and anyone who celebrates our amazing planet, the Earth and Spirit Songbook provides entertaining, educational songs of ecology, world humanity and peace.

Compiled and edited by musician/composer Jim Scott, this anthology of 111 old and new songs by many well known contemporary songwriters is designed for group singing with participatory choruses, rounds, and counder melodies. All the arrangements include piano accompaniments and chord symbols to be universally useful.

There are songs for earth-oriented holidays, the beauty of nature, community, rights of passage, teaching about ecology, peace and justice issues, as well as a number of songs for children. Nearly half of the songs have some harmony parts delineated makinging it particularly useful to choirs and creative songleaders The piano accompaniments, more involved than would be found in a hymnbook, catch the styles and rhythms from a variety of cultures. There are many pages of cross references and notes for performance and background on all the songs.

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The Earth and Spirit Songbook
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- Book One contains 111 songs, most of them conducive to group singing. The subjects range from earth education, social action and justice issues to earth oriented holidays, the beauty of nature, community, rights of passage and more. The book was collected and most songs arranged by Jim Scott. All have literal piano accompaniments as well as chord symbols for improvising instruments.

CAN WE COPY SONGS FOR A GROUP, CHURCH. SCHOOL, ETC.? - Buying one book does not grant permission to copy. We ask for an honor system. The current UU Musicians Network unofficial opinion is $1 per copy for copying choral music. These songs are shorter, so this is a rule of thumb:

If it’s 1 page - $.30; 2 pgs - $.50; 3 pgs $.65; 4pgs $.75 Thanks in advance for remembering to send those small royalties. Permission for songs other than Jim’s should go to the composers, their contacts are listed in the back of the book.

ARE THEY ARRANGED FOR CHOIR? - There are about 50 of the 100+ songs that have some sort of harmony delineated, from rounds to four part SATB (often in the piano part) and sometimes an extra staff or two with vocal harmony. These are not full choral arrangements, those would take more pages and can't be made available for this price, but they are good shortcuts for the creative leader. A list of Jim Scott's choral arrangements (including some of these songs) is on the website -

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Songs and Composers Included in the Book

A Great Big Breath - Jim Scoitt
A Place in the Choir- Bill Staines
A Song for the Earth - Jim Scott
Air Moves Us - Annonymous
All Around the Child - Jim Scott
All The World Is Now One - Kay Eskenazi
An Enchanted Isle - Jim Scott
An Irish Blessing - Jaie Arianna Livingston
Ancient Mother - Native American
Arise! Arise! - Jim Scott
Blessed - Lui Collins
Blessing - Donna Hebert
Brief Our Days - J S Bach /Kenneth Patton
Building A New Way - Martha Sandefer
Calypso Chant - Harry Belefonte
Carry the Flame - Patricia Pavey
Circle of the Sun - Sally Rogers
Common Ground - Lins/Winter/ Scott
Cosmic Stew - Stan Slaughter
Cycle Song of Life - James Durst
Disguised as Poetry - Dana Clark
Earth's Endless Treasures - Ellen Hansen-Ellis
Far Too Long by Fear Divided - John Andrew Story/Jim Scott
For the Beauty of the Earth - Folliot Pierpont
For This We Stand - Jim Scott
From You I Receive - Joseph and Nathan Siegel
Fruit Song, The - Henry Carey/ Kay Eskanazi
Garbage - Bill Steele
Gather the Spirit - Jim Scott
Gently Homeward - Jim Scott
Give Yourself to Love - Kate Wolf
God Bless the Grass - Malvina Reynolds
Gwaza Universe - Nick Page
Habitat - Bill Oliver
Harmony - Jim Scott
Healing Circle - Julia Hikory
I Am A Seed of Peace - James Durst
I Come and Stand at Every Door - Pete Seeger
I Will Shelter You - Jim Scott
If I Had A Hammer - Pete Seeger/Lee Hays
Ishk Allah Ma Bood/Wondrous Love- Allaudin Matthieu
Keepers of the Flame - Raymonbd Egan
Love Will Guide Us - Trad./Sally Rogers
Long Tailfeathers/Hey Hey Watanay - Native American
Longest Night - Trad./Jim Scott
Love is All Around - Ruth Pelham
Love Song for Mother Earth - Mimi Bornstein Doble
Maisha Ni Safi (Life Is Good) - Lui Collins
May the Long Time Sun - Mike Heron
May There Always be Sunshine - Lev Oshanina/Arkadi Ostrovski
May Your Life Be as a Song - Trad./Jim Scott
Minuit - Kieta Fodeba
Morning Glory - Terry Garthwaite
Morning Has Broken - Trad./Eleanor Farjeon
Mystery - Jeremy Geffen
Nothing But Peace - Jim Scott
Of Time and Rivers Flowing - Pete Seeger
Oh Great Spirit - annon.
On Your Way - Jaie Arrianna Livingston
One Earth, One Sky - Kim Oler
One More Circle - Peter Mayer
Once More the Liberal Year - Whittier/Scott
Open Your Heart - Mary Grigolia
Over My Head - Trad. African American
Peace Is - Fred Small
Peace is Flowing Like River - Trad.
Peace On Earth - Lui Collins
Plant More Than You Harvest - Jim Scott
Put Me in the Compost Pile - Stan Slaughter
Rising Green - Carolyn McDade
River - Bill Staines
Roots and Wings - Pete and Jason Leary
Season of the Grateful Heart - Jim Scott

Shalom Havayreem - Trad.
Sing It for the Earth in Need - Sue Ribaudo
Singing for Our Lives - Holly Near
Siyahamba - South African/Andres Nyberg
Solstice Carol - Jim Scott
Somos el Barco - Lorre Wyatt
Swimming to the Other Side - Pat Humphries
Taste and See - Betsy Rose
Temple Round - Allaudin Mattieu
The Blue Green Hills of Earth - Kim Oler
The Fire of Commitment - Jason Shelton
The Friendly Beasts - Trad.
The Garden Song (Inch by Inch) - Davic Mallet
The Great Storm is Over - Bob Franke
The Oneness of Everything - Jim Scott
The Rainforest Song - Jim Scott
There's A Moon Out My Window - Jim Scott
There’s a Way - Jim Scott
This Land is Your Land - Woody Guthrie
This Pretty Planet - Tom Chapin
Two Hands Hold the Earth - Sarah Pirtle
Vine and Fig Tree - Trad.
We Are...- Ysaye Barnwell
We Are All One Planet - Molly Scott
We Are One, We Are Many - Rick and Hillary Wagner
We Are the Rain and the Rainbow - Cynthia Crossen
We Shall Not Be Moved - Trad.
We Stand On Holy Ground - Carol Eagleheart
Weaving - John Corrado
Welcome the Traveler Home - John Mc Cutcheon
Well May the World Go - Trad./Pete Seeger
What Can I Use Instead - Ann Bailey Roland
Where Is the Moon - Becky Reardon
Winter Solstice Round - Becky Reardon
Wondrous Love - Trad./Jim Scott
Wondrous Love - Trad./ Raymond Egan
Wondrous Love/Ishk Allah Ma Bood - Allaudin Matthieu
World of Wonder - Tom Benjamin