Top 15 Green Songs for Celebrating the Environment

Green New Deal Songs – Life Changing, Transformative Songs

Best Earth Day Songs for Earth Day Every Day

(All these songs are in the Earth and Spirit Songbook)

  1. Somos El Barco – Lorre Wyatt
  2. A Song for the Earth – Jim Scott
  3. This Pretty Planet – Tom Chapin
  4. Circle of the Sun – Sally Rogers
  5. The Blue Green Hills of Earth – Kim Oler
  6. Singing For Our Lives – Holly Near
  7. The Rainforest Song – Jim Scott
  8. Swimming to the Other Side – Pat Humphries
  9. (All God’s Critters Got) A Place in the Choir – Bill Staines
  10. God Bless The Grass – Malvina Reynolds
  11. The Garden Song (Inch by Inch) – David Mallett
  12. Love Song for Mother Earth – Mimi Bornstein
  13. We Are All One Planet – Molly Scott
  14. We Stand On Holy Ground – Carol Eagleheart
  15. Of Time And Rivers Flowing – Pete Seeger

You can purchase the Earth and Spirit Songbook HERE

Message from Jim:

There are 110 songs in the book, and this is my quick top 15 – if I were to lead a songfest of Earth songs.  I might like to include more of my own, but I kept it to just two of them on this list.

Some other Earth anthems of mine in the book:

  • Harmony
  • The Oneness of Everything
  • Nothing but Peace is Enough
  • An Enchanted Isle

Also I’d include my song We Are the Earth.  It’s not in the book, but it’s in my Jim Scott Songbook. 
You can find it on Youtube:

In peace, Jim

And the sheet music for We Are the Earth is available HERE. 


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