We now have Download Cards!

We now have three albums. Earth Sky Love and Dreams, Sailing With the Moon, and Gather the Spirit available on download cards. The cards have a code that you can use on the CD Baby website to download your album to your computer or hand-held device. To celebrate, we’re making a special price through April. They will usually sell for $9 and three for $25.

Special price through April 30!  $8 each and three for $20 

Look for the Download Bundle in our store, or each album as a download is listed next to each CD individually. 

Earth and Spirit Songbook – Sale!

Bargain price for books – $19

Earth & Spirit Songbook cover

The planned revision of the Earth and Spirit Songbook is scheduled for later this year, we’re working on it.  We are continuing the sale on the old, perfectly serviceable version at a big discount. To the untrained eye the new edition will look exactly the same, though many typos will be revised. The old and new books will be usable together – it will amuse a choir no end to point out the small discrepancies, mostly in the piano accompaniments.

If you have one, or some, now’s the chance to get a few more for the choir or singing group for  $19 each with FREE SHIPPING, a significant reduction from the list price of $25 – while they last.

One to 8 books – $19 each.  10 or more books are only $16 each ($160) AND we’ll give you free shipping.

So this is a great time to supply your choir with this 200 page resource of 110 songs of earth and peace. You can look up extensive description of the book here – song list, composers, thematic index, etc.

Earth and Spirit and Jim Scott Songbook Bundle

$38 for both with free shipping

We might as well make the Earth and Spirit Songbook and the new Jim Scott Songbook available for the same bargain price we’re offering.

Three CD Bundle

now in eco-wallets, for $40.00 and free shipping

Jim’s most popular albums, Earth Sky Love and Dreams, Sailing with the Moon, and Gather the Spirit CDs.

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