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Announcing Earth and Spirit Songbook Volume 2

Now collecting songs for this new songbook

I want to announce to all you friends that I will be compiling and writing a sequel to my “Earth and Spirit Songbook” over the next year and a half (by spring/summer 2019).  I got a grant from the Fund For Unitarian Universalism to help with it, and I am now the “Artist in Residence” for the UU Church of Worcester MA.  The book is not just for UU Church consumption, it is for the wider public.  The fund supports what they think are good works, not missionary proselytizing.

For the next year (the sooner the better) I am collecting songs of Earth, peace on Earth – anything with Earth imagery, rights of passage, seasons, climate disruption, pollution, fracking, etc. etc. – I already have a lot in mind but there must be many more I haven’t heard.  We need songs of other than (white) American culture, of course.  The subtitle of this second book is “Songs for a Just and Peaceful World.”  So it’s a pretty wide diversity of subject matter we’re looking for.

Songs can celebrate and also teach – good news and bad, the problems and the solutions – and singing is my response to the challenge.   I hope you’ll help, with your songs, and your ideas of good songs by someone else, and it would make it easier on me if you can self-select a bit.  The book will probably have no more than a song or two by any one composer, so let me know the best one for a diversity of music.  They don’t need to all be “Let’s get together and save the earth,”  though there’s a place for that, too.  If it’s written down, that helps of course, at least the lyrics.  I will  transcribe the song and make an arrangement for vocal and piano with chord symbols.

You can send me an mp3 – to or send a CD to Jim Scott PO Box 4025 Shrewsbury MA 01545.

If you’d like to see more about my first Earth and Spirit Songbook, check this link.

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