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Earth and Spirit Songbook is ready for a Sequel

“Songs for a Just and Peaceful World” – Earth and Spirit Book Two

 I’m particularly proud of my anthology of Earth songs, The Earth and Spirit Songbook, published in 2003. For years I had felt a need for an anthology of songs of Earth and Ecology, to be fully written out for literal musicians.  I’m gratified it has brought so much joy to so many and received numerous accolades for serving an important need.  The songs of many contemporary songwriters celebrate the beauty and fragility of our Earth and the urgent necessity of protecting our environment.

For full description of Book One – CLICK HERE.

But the world has changed since Book 1. There are new challenges and I want to gather the songs that address our evolving situation. It’s time for a sequel, Volume 2.  A committee of musicians has been chosen to help select the songs.  We already have a large and growing list of wonderful songs but it’s not too late for more and we welcome your suggestions.

Climate disruption, challenges to natural habitats from strip mining to fracking, and also the reflections on the human condition, peace and justice are subjects that call for songs. There will be some historical songs, but we’re actively looking for the new ones.

Songs that lend themselves to group singing are the priority. The book is designed give music directors, teachers, song leaders and amateur music lovers the tools for musically celebrating Earth through teaching ecology and raising our voices about injustice. The serious and dire warnings are needed, though we also like uplifting, positive, energizing reminders of how we cherish ourselves, our health and our world.

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