Gather the Spirit

Gather Cover“Gather the Spirit” is a collaboration with a fine small choir, the Master Singers to Go (MSTG) Choir, directed by my friend Matt Johnsen who also directs music at the UU Church of Worcester MA.  I’m proud of the message that adds up through these dozen songs, it’s kind of my theology in song and includes what I think is some of my best poetry and heartfelt expressions.

You’ll hear my interpretations of six of my songs that are in the UU Hymnbooks.  All the choir arrangements on the CD are available, some published by Hal Leonard.  About half are songs with the choir accompanying me and others feature the choir alone.  They range from a capella to boogying with a great rhythm section.  The ones that have me as a soloist are also available arranged for choir alone.

Track List & Lyrics

[ppmaccordion][ppmtoggle title=”The Oneness of Everything“]

Jim Scott  c 1988

Far beyond the grasp of hands, or light to meet the eye,
Past the reaches of the mind
There find the key to nature’s harmony
In an architecture so entwined.
Like the birds, whose patterns grace the sky
And carry all who join in love, expanding,
The message of peace will rise in flight
Taking the weight of the world upon its wings,
With the oneness of everything.

Peace is in the dance of trees
Who stir before the first breath of wind is yet perceived
Trust in the song, becoming one with the dance,
and all mysteries can be believed.
Songs of lives long past who touch our own
are written in the earth forever giving.
And now to maintain the harmony
gives to us all lives worth living
In the oneness of everything.

Still we seek to find a truth that we might understand,
and reduce to terms defined
Vast and immeasurable time and space
all so overwhelmingly designed.
Oh passing years, just might I know the faith
that winters in the heart to be reborn in Spring.
To hear and to feel the pulse of life
enters my soul as a song to sing,
Of the oneness of everything.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Gather the Spirit“]

© 1990  Jim Scott

Gather the spirit, harvest the power.
Our separate fires will kindle one flame.
Witness the mystery of this hour.
Our trials in this light appear all the same.
Gather in peace, gather in thanks,
Gather in sympathy now and then.
Gather in hope compassion and strength
Gather to celebrate once again.
Gather the spirit of heart and mind.
Seeds for the sowing are laid in store.
Nurtured in love and conscience refined,
With body and spirit united once more.
Gather in peace, gather in thanks,
Gather in sympathy now and then.
Gather in hope compassion and strength
Gather to celebrate once again.
Gather the spirit, growing in all,
Drawn by the moon and fed by the sun.
Winter to Spring, and Summer to Fall,
The chorus of life resounding as one.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Come Into This Place“]

Words William Schultz, Music  Jim Scott

Come into this place of peace
And let it’s silence heal your spirit.
Come into this place of memory
And let it’s history warm your soul.
Come into this place of prophecy and power
And let it’s vision change your heart.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Harmony“]

©1990 Jim Scott

Peace is a rolling sea,
So full of mystery;
I feel its harmony in ebb and crest.
Peace is a work of art
That moves the open heart,
Peace is a place to start and final rest.

Harmony of Harmony, I hear you sing to me.
Let it wash over me – let it begin.
Harmony of Harmony, unfolding melody
I am your instrument; let peace begin with me.

Peace is a beacon bright
That brings us inner sight,
A radiating light conquering fear.
Peace is the wild birds’ call,
The painted leaves in Fall.
Peace is the health of all, I feel it here.

Harmony of Harmony . . . (etc.)

Peace is a field of grain
‘Neath sun and gentle rain
In nature’s glad refrain of love begun.
All beings songs are sung
As bells together rung.
Peace speaks in every tongue. all songs are one.

Harmony of Harmony . . . (etc.)

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”If There is No Holy Spirit“]

©2007  Jim Scott

If there is no holy spirit,
What sets the rhythm of the beating heart?
If there is no holy spirit
What holds together lovers who are far apart?
What conducts the winds in their travels from far?
If there is no holy spirit
What fire burns in every fleeting star?

If there is no holy spirit

From what wisdom does compassion rise?

If there is no holy spirit
How does simple water focus light through human eyes?
What wisdom sent the rain from the fleeting clouds above?
If there is no holy spirit
Tell me what defines a parent’s love?


Who can explain elusive senses

That inform the artist’s brave creation
Something greater – takes you higher
Resonates in inspiration
That brings the healing to a troubled heart
Suspending time, erasing separation
Suspending time _

If there is no holy spirit
How do plants take the strength of a distant sun?
If there is no holy spirit
How is a fragile life begun?
What turns this living earth from winter toward the spring?
If there is no holy spirit,
What moves in every living thing?

In the spirit of the moment
Has this song reached you somehow?
If there is no holy sprit,
What is it
You’re feeling – now?

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”I Am Waiting“]

©2006 Jim Scott         

I am waiting in the silence; I am waiting for the dawn
I am often found in reverence, though from many sources drawn.
It is not mine to fight for justice, for it will not be won this day
I am peace and I am waiting for the lost to find their way.

You’ll not find me set in judgment of the vain or of the weak.
But I rise to meet the weary with the solace that they seek.
Still I have not fed the hungry, nor strewn wealth among the poor.
I am peace, and bring but mystery and the patience to endure.

I cannot save the suffering from their anger and their pain
Only open doors of insight, so the healing comes again.
To the proud I am elusive, to the humble I am near.
May the broken rise and look beyond the trappings of their fears.

I am found among the seasons, autumn’s death and spring’s rebirth,
As relentless, their momentum, as the turning of the earth.
All are welcome in my presence, for only love can conquer hate,
I am peace and for the harvest, I have planted and will wait.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”For This We Stand“]

© 2001 Jim Scott

For this we stand
All peoples of the earth,
In spirit as in law across the sacred land;
A worth and dignity
Bestowed to each as right of birth
Our lives in interdependence,
For this we stand.

For this we stand
One human family,
Evolving tapestry spun of a single strand;
Of earth and water born
This harvest of diversity
One flame of life bright within us
For this we stand.

For this we stand, mysterious unity,
Integrity, as from the single artist’s hand.
Our humble step informed
By wisdom of the centuries
Our every breath gift of spirit
For this we stand.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”All Around the Child“]

© 2003  Jim Scott

Ancient story lived again, dark of longest night.
Birth of innocence and hope kindles our delight.
All celebrate the labor’s end.
Forth in laughter, tear and smile.
Light of love and joy extend all around the child.

New life fragile yet complete, life from love once more.
Universal miracle, faith in life re-store.
The harmony of all the world
Lulls the new-born child to rest.
Welcome dreamer, safely sleep, radiant on your mother’s breast.

May our wonder never cease, Nature’s greatest art.
Birth and breath of life again warms the coldest heart.
Now rich and simple gifts bestowed,
Sacred promises well made.
Reverence and hope renewed all around the babe.

Vision for humanity, all around the child.
Loving as one  family, all around the child.
Life passages well understood,
Known and felt a-round the earth;
Rich or poor we each are blessed by the miracle of birth.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Tradition Held Fast“]

© 1990  Jim Scott

Tradition held fast, through varied time and place,
The raising of voices the touching of hands.
Circle of spirit council of grace,
All faith finds expression ‘cross countless lands. 

Freed from the worldly burdens that we bear.
Released in this time of forgiving, healing, sharing.
Lifted on wings of joyful communion.
Held in the warmth of a common sharing.

Now that we turn to separate lives renewed,
Our spirit of peace will not fade as we conclude.
Nor will the circle break as we part.
Through us will it open to every fate of life
And every open heart.

[/ppmtoggle] [ppmtoggle title=”Go Your Way in Peace“]

©  2001  Jim Scott

Go your way in peace
Wander as you may
Blessed is the path you take
May love guide you on your way

Comfort find in truth
May your struggles cease.
May the fire within your heart
Light the way of peace.

Bright and brave the dreams
Born in darkest night
Mindful make our ev’ry step
Honor all within our sight.

Minds and hearts now one
‘Til we meet a-gain
Hold the vision  of our peace
Sacred until then.