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Music for a Just, Peaceful, and Sustainable World

Our “Year to Save the Earth” Fundraising Challenge

This concert combines Jim’s strongest eco-message songs with beautiful visual images. It’s important and timely to take this concert everywhere we can this coming year.  

So we are announcing this fundraising campaign to help take this project to the next level. 

Here’s how you can help. For your generous donations, we want to thank you with some premiums.


New! Jim’s Six-Album Flash Drive

Contains four albums of songs, Earth Sky Love and Dreams, Sailing With the Moon, Gather the Spirit, and Heart In Another Land, with lyric files included. Plus two instrumental albums, Instruments of Peace and Hands On.

Special introductory price: $35 with free shipping


My New Book! “Just the Words”

I’m happy and proud to offer my new book, “Just the Words,” 150 pages of song lyrics to all my albums, poetry, protests, prayers, and humorous asides. It adds up to a surprising quantity of words, organized by album and project. So, take it piece by piece and enjoy celebration, meditation, serious and not so serious observations.

Special introductory price: $20 with free shipping!

Climate Justice

Every Wednesday 8:00 pm Eastern

Join Jim for his weekly online concert!

A different theme each week. Check our calendar for details!