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I am starting to teach lessons with Skpe, and I have space for 2-4 more students locally if you’re nearby. My prime offerings are Guitar (of course) and Music Theory.

I plan to work with and am just in the process of setting that up. I’d love to hear from any friends who would like to be guinea pigs as I learn. On Popexpert the first lesson will be half price, but get in touch about what you’d particularly like and how I can help you with your music.

Here’s the hypothetical curriculum:
Guitar and Music Theory Lesson Packages
An overview of the material can be presented in one session for a student with some experience. Beginners will take away as much as they can with a full understanding, and it may take more than one session to digest all the material.

1) Lessons with Jim (Guitar) Continuing study would cover all the subjects listed below with a context of the student’s goals and interests.
2) Specific Sessions for Guitar Visualizing the Guitar Fretboard – and how to use Jim’s own system and great memory device
– Level 1 – Visualizing the Major (and natural minor) scale
– Level 2 – The Pentatonic scale – the roots of rock lead guitar
– Level 3 – Harmonic minor, melodic minor and other more exotic scales.

– Beginning Guitar Chord Theory – A full set of basic chords in open position for folk and popular music – the five families of chord shapes.
– Rhythm Guitar (intermediate) An overview of bar chords, including the five families of chords and how they relate to the open position chords.
– Jazz Chords (Sevenths and beyond) on Guitar – voicings and inversions
– Chords in Context – Common chord progressions in bar and jazz chords
– How to Play Jim’s Songs on Guitar – How Jim plays them and simpler alternatives Come with your questions about a particular song.

3) Music Theory and Harmony Sessions
– Basics of Scales and Chords – where did they come from and how they work?
– Intermediate Theory – Chords in a Key – chords derived from the scale and typical alternatives.
– Jazz Harmony – chord voicings and scales for improvisation.

New Choral Music

I’m delighted to be adding a section on this site for the choral music of my good friend Raymond Egan.  He’s one of the greatest musicians I know and composer of some wonderful choral music that has not been available on the web up until now.  For a list of the works that will be available soon, click here.

A Note From Jim

Photo by James Durst

I’ve been busy with new music lately.  My new choral piece For This We Stand was premiered several times this spring.  You can hear and see a demo of the songs at: Jim Scott Music YouTube Playlists. The written music is scrolling along with the playback.

The performance with the Madison WI First Unitarian Church choir directed by Dan Broner was a great success. You can find the recording (any day now – check back).

My producer and friend Dan Tinen has been putting more songs on Youtube, so you can peruse the Jim Scott Youtube channel.  More will be getting on there all the time, so check back.

You can always reach me via email: Jim (at)

Also, my new website is currently under construction, but feel free to check it out

In peace,  Jim