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Everyone Is Welcome Here

7 Songs for Kids Celebrating Life, Peace and Justice on this Earth

You can get an idea what it’s about just from the titles.   Everyone Is Welcome Here, Compassion Is The Word, I Have Been Wondering, We’re Different, I Have A Voice, Building Peace, This Web of Life .

I was commissioned recently by the Kinston NC Universalist Church to compose these songs that celebrate principles that are the priorities in the Unitarian Universalist denomination.  Some might just find these sentiments secular, but they celebrate universal ideas that all people could subscribe to: Human Rights, Love, Religious Freedom, Democracy, Peace, and Ecology. They certainly aren’t exclusive to one faith. I would hope everyone could agree on these ideals.

The music is available in piano/vocal with chord symbols.  I also made some optional instrumental interludes between each song (for scene changes if we’re staging it).  The interludes are arranged for a melody instrument and piano.  Then there could be a vignette with some spoken words to set the scene for each song.  So here’s the material to make a good short show, or a service.

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